plant small.
root deep.
bear life.

Let’s learn how to relax with Jesus and live our meaningful lives.

plant small. root deep. bear life.


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Whether you need more confidence in sharing your redemption story, or need hope in a barren season – these books were written for you!

Brew that espresso or hot cinnamon tea and come relax with me a while, I’m pretty sure you need the rest! I’m so glad you’re here and we get to grow together…

Hi! I’m Heather DeJesus Yates.

I just told you so much, you don’t even know!
I use to write and speak by the name of “Mama Bear”, but I’m embracing courage in new ways this season, like owning my God-given name. With a name like DeJesus, I believe I was made to know God…but wait, I believe you were too!

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