Steering you away from distractions or denial
and into your meaningful life.

A Mother of Thousands.

The creative God of all things plant and person can bring unstoppable life and change the landscape of our communities, even through what seems barren. Offering fresh hope within a community of real women’s stories with infertility, A Mother of Thousands is the empathetic friend you long for and the guided path out of broken dreams you need.

All The Wild Pearls.

We all have a story to tell, even if you don’t write a book, your story is worth telling.

If you have put your trust in Jesus to forgive you of your sins, you have a redemption story. This book is written to make sure you are confident in sharing your story, and helps you write what most needs to be written.

Reaching The Heart With Words

Most months I collect what I’m learning about living my meaningful life and relaxing with Jesus in one place. If you are looking for hope on your journey, help in learning to relax with Jesus and others, or just need to know you aren’t alone, subscribe to my blog here and we can grow together!

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