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Heather uses her voice to help women in different stages of their lives.

plant small. root deep. bear life.

Heather DeJesus Yates is an agent of transformation, calling women out of small stories of competition and comparison into God’s grand story of reconciliation and redemption. She is reclaiming “motherhood” for all women, inspiring you to build God’s forever family by regeneration through faith in Christ. How? Plant small, root deep and bear life! Heather uses her voice to help women:

• Exchange the shame-heavy life where you constantly try to fix
yourself, for the shame-free life where you constantly embrace love.

• Change your pace from hurry with overwhelm to rest with intention.

• Nourish your worn out and wilting soul with God’s healing goodness.

• Stop chasing the wind of comparison and competition so you live your
meaningful life

As the child of a Puerto Rican father and German mother, her voice bears her passion with rooted faith whether on the page or stage – always pointing women to the grace of God and love of Jesus.

Heather has been talking to others about the love of God since she trusted Christ at age ten. But while working in litigation and adoption law, Heather helped launch a recovery program and home for women living at-risk and discovered her passion to see women discover their worth and identity in God’s love!

After meeting and marrying her husband Jonathan through eHarmony 10 years ago, Heather traded the city scene for a hay farm in the middle of northeast Tennessee.

“I couldn’t see a neighbor in any direction and I thought, ‘Lord – where have you brought me?’ But now I see how deeply my soul longed for this space…”

Heather became more attuned to the hearts of women when she became the Women’s Ministry Director at her local church, so she understands how women are just trying to live real life with an unchanging God in a changing world. Using her personal stories as evidence of the goodness of God, she vulnerably puts her failure, need and brokenness on display so others can experience the hope of Christ.

Heather is the author of All the Wild Pearls – A Guide For Passing Down Redemptive Stories, because she wants every woman empowered to tell her redemption story!

Her newest book, A Mother of Thousands – From Barren to Revolutionary canvasses their infertility journey, including adoption and fostering, and brings hope to those who feel barren.

Heather’s favorite days are the slow kind – either on her farm with her husband and their beautiful little girl, or them all together collecting shells on any coastline.

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